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About Our Company

In 2000 the company’s founder, Daniel Berry, and co-founder John Johnson were faced with a problem; where to find equipment to cut intricate parts without damaging the substrate. It was then that the team of Berry and Johnson elected to combine their years of technological expertise and knowledge to create their own machine. Subsequently, in a garage in Mineola, Texas - the EZ-Router Company designed and successfully built its first piece of routing equipment.

In order to stay current with the latest advances in CNC technology, the company was expanded in 2005 to include plasma cutting equipment under the name of EZ-Plasma.

Moving to 2011, EZ-Router/EZ-Plasma fixed its attention to further growth. In order to meet industry demands, the team of Berry and Johnson set about designing larger, heavier equipment to fulfil a wider range of customer requirements and budgets. Initially targeted were hobbyists, start-up and mid-range companies, Vo-Techs, High Schools and Colleges. As the customer base grew, so did the size and capabilities of the EZ-Plasma/EZ Router line of machines. Before too long full sized CNC SYSTEMS were being shipped to tank manufacturers, fabricators, oilfield, offshore and construction companies.

As the growth continued, it became clear that expansion was a priority. A plan was immediately put into action and an additional 30,000 square feet of shop space was added to the existing Plant, including new offices and a Research and Development department.

In 2014 Lone Star Cutting Solutions was introduced to the Steel Cutting Industry - the third member of the EZ-Router/EZ-Plasma Group. And so we welcome you to our new Division and our constantly expanding team of experts, whose aim is to focus specifically on large CNC SYSTEMS. This new division offers 11 plasma models, 2 Waterjet systems as well as a Pipe Coping Machine. Additionally, Lone Star Cutting Solutions is still taking end-user requests for customized equipment consideration. Bring your ideas to us and let our knowledgeable engineering staff assist you every step of the way.

Your ideas are safe with us!