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When we give you a price we want to make sure it's the price for the CNC machine that will do the job you need it to do!

There are several reasons as to why we don't "show" pricing. Essentially, we want the customer to receive the machine that is right for them and their application. On the Spitfire alone, there are over 1,000,000 combinations to tailor to the customer's exact needs. We offer entry level machines, up to massive industrial level machines and everything in between. So there is a ton of variables that are crucial in ensuring the customer gets exactly what they need. We've seen and heard many horror stories, where someone made a purchase on a "package price" and it came back to bite them! Needing a much larger unit, or perhaps not a plasma application at all. 

This is the importance of understanding the customer's wants and needs.


 Here is the perfect example of working with a customer to understand their needs.


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