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EzRouter CNC Router Used To Produce PPE Face Shields For Covid-19 Pandemic

University of Oklahoma’s Tom Love Innovation Hub is participating in a cross-campus effort to create and validate essential medical equipment in support of our medical professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic. ( Router PPE Covid19

In a recent newsletter from the U.S. Economic Development Administration the Innovation Hub was featured for their efforts in designing and producing PPE equipment for our front line medical workers. (
In the newsletter you see face shield brackets being produced on an EzRouter 4’ x 8’ CNC router.

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Ranger III

  • XPR300
  • 5 Axis Bevel Head
  • Pipe Rotary up to 30" material

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The new 2ft x 2ft enclosed Spitfire is the perfect solution for a school or business that has safety in mind. Features include a front access door, 3 tinted windows, overhead dust collection system, as well as all the same great features of our standard Spitfire.

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Trooper with edge connect, swing arm, powermax with Oxy fuel

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CNC Plasma Tables and Powermax Fault Codes 

Faults codes are a great source of information if you know what the codes mean. Hypertherm breaks down the top five fault codes you are likely to see on the Powermax 65, 85, 105 and 125 plasma systems.

Here are the links for the top five:

Number 1: 0-30

Number 2: 0-12

Number 3: 0-21

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