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CNC Plasma Tables and Powermax Fault Codes 

Faults codes are a great source of information if you know what the codes mean. Hypertherm breaks down the top five fault codes you are likely to see on the Powermax 65, 85, 105 and 125 plasma systems.

Here are the links for the top five:

Number 1: 0-30

Number 2: 0-12

Number 3: 0-21

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CNC Plasma Table End Of Year Promotion! 

Through December 31st.  purchase any *complete 4'x4' and up table or the Revolver CNC Plasma Pipe Rotary and receive a Hypertherm Powermax 45XP with Hand Torch at no additional charge!

The Hypertherm Powermax 45XP is perfect to have in your shop for cutting up scrap pieces of metal into manageable sizes. Cutting scrap away from the usable sheet makes storage much easier. This also gives you the ability to cut metal objects that cannot be cut on your Plasma Table.

"Meet the newest member of our best-selling line of Powermax® portable plasma systems. The Powermax45® XP plasma cutter delivers increased cut capacity – up to 16 mm (5/8”) metal"       Hypertherm

Learn more about the 45XP Plasma Cutter (Click Here)

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CNC Plasma Table Owners Beware Counterfeit Consumables! 

“It’s probably no surprise there are dishonest people out there who make and sell counterfeit Hypertherm consumables.”

Why you should buy consumables for your plasma table from an authorized Hypertherm OEM distributor like Lone Star Cutting Solutions.

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Fidelity Metalworks adds The trooper 5'x10'
cnc plasma table to their shop in White Oak, Texas!

By adding the Trooper CNC Plasma Table to their shop they are able to offer CNC cutting services as well as cutting more parts in house for their custom metal trim fabrication. With quicker access to more parts they will improve their bottom line and offer better service to their customers!

"This plasma cutter will make many of our current jobs more efficient. Also, it will give us many more options towards serving our customers."  Fidelity Metalworks

More Trooper CNC Plasma Cutter Info:

More Info about Fidelity Metalworks:

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