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Going Strong Since 2014!  CNC Plasma Table Takes Business To New Level.

Shelia Gregory at Ribbet Coating & Fabrication in Malvern, Arkansas sent us pictures of signs they have made on their APC (Now the Spitfire) CNC Plasma Table.

Sign Made CNC Plasma Table Designed With VCarve Pro The “I’m Your Huckleberry” sign is made from a tattoo design. A customer came in one day and wanted the sign for a keepsake to remember her son who had passed away. What a great thing to make something that will have such sentimental value for years and years to come.

According to Shelia, Ribbet Coating & Fabrication does powder coating, plastic coating, boat parts, custom signs along with production parts cut from 1/4" aluminum for a company in Texarkana, Arkansas.

Ribbet Coating & Fabrication purchased their machine in mid 2014 and Shelia learned to operate it on her own and was up and producing products in a couple of weeks. In the almost four years they have owned it, they have had no problems at all.

We appreciate Ribbet Coating & Fabrication for using one of our CNC Plasma Cutter Tables to take their business to the next level.

Sign Made With CNC Plasma Cutter

Sign Made With CNC Plasma Plasma Cutter Table





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