High performance Plasma
cutting system

Increase productivity through the combination of faster cutting and superior quality and consistency.

Industrial CNC Plasma Cutting Table

powered by Hypertherm plasma cutter

High Definition Performance.
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Machine Features

True Hole Ready
Dual Side Drive Rack and Pinion drive 4-800 IPM Enclosed E-Chain for protecting lines & cables. V-Groove linear guide rail system (requires no maintenance) Limit and Homing switches.
Input power: 115V/220V, 50-60 Hz, single phase, 20 A (Machine and Co
Effective Cutting Width - 4FT 6 INCHES
Effective Cutting Length - 4FT 6 INCHES
Gantry - 6" x 6" thick walled
square tubing
Dual Side Helical Rack and Pinion Drive (X,Y)
Distance from top of slats to underside of Gantry -7.5 inches
Dual Side Servo Motor Drive System
V-Groove hardened, precision rail
V-Groove, precision BISHOP-WISECARVER bearings (induction hardened, polished and oiled).
Fully Welded Steel Frame Construction with enclosed base
Lowered Rails for loading/unloading clearance
Limit and Homing Switches
Enclosed Cable Track to protect electrical cables and gas hoses (X,Y)
Reinforced Steel Lip around top of machine "bed" to protect against accidental hits made with Fork Lift or Plate during material loading and unloading

Machine Specifications

Rapid Traverse Speed - up to 800 ipm
Vertical Positioning Speed - up to 150 ipm
Vertical Stroke 7.5 Inches
Maximum Plasma Stations - 1 (one)
Maximum Oxy-Fuel Stations - 1 (one)
MACHINE Positioning Accuracy - +/-007
MACHINE Repeatability - +/-002
MACHINE Voltage 220V 30A



Standard Widths 4' 5' 6' 8'
Effective Cutting Width 4'7" 5'7" 6'7" 8'7"
Overall Width 9'4" 10'4" 11'4" 13'4"


Standard Lengths 8' 10' 12' 16' 20' 24'
Effective Cutting Length 8'7" 10'7" 12'7" 16'7" 20'7" 24'7"
Overall Length 12'8" 14'8" 16'8" 29'8" 24'8" 28'8"


Gantry Clearance 7.75”