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The ez Flex CNC Router offers ultimate flexibility .. With its small design, this machine is offered as a table top unit, or a stand alone unit. Whether your a job shop, prototyping, or a hobbyist. Small enough to fit in any shop, and versatile enough, that it can even become a traveling CNC machine, with the optional caster wheels added to the table.

CNC Router Machine

Wood CNC Machine

CNC Router Machine
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Machine Features

Standard processing lengths starting at 24” X 24”
100% Welded steel frame (optional)
Powerful stepper motors on all axis
Dual motor driven Y Axis
X Axis enclosed cable carrier
2 Year warranty

Machine Specifications

Positional Accuracy: +/- .007
Repeatability: +/- .002
Rapid Speeds – 400 IPM
Cutting Speeds – over 100IPM
Precision linear rails on all axis
Rack and Pinion X/Y axis
Leadscrew Z axis
1-3hp Spindle/Router availability

Standard Size 2'X2'

Effective Cutting Width


Effective Cutting Length