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The ez Mini was designed to eb the best small CNC router on the market today. This machine is perfect for school and hobbyist, but do not let the size fool you. This machine is built with a lot of the same parts as the ez Router.

CNC Router Machine

Wood CNC Machine

CNC Router Machine
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Machine Features

Standard processing lengths from 30x30” or 30”x48”
100% Welded steel frame (if specified)
Powerful stepper motors on all axis.
Precision hardened and maintenance free V roller bearings.
X Axis enclosed cable carrier
2 Year warranty

Machine Specifications

Positional Accuracy: +/- .007
Repeatability: +/- .002
Rapid Speeds – 500 IPM
Cutting Speeds – over 200IPM
Precision machine ground rails
Rack and Pinion X/Y axis
Leadscrew Z axis
1-5hp Spindle/Router availability
Belt reduction system to ensure precise cutting resolution and high traversing speeds.

Standard Sizes 30"X30" 30"X40"

Effective Cutting Width



Effective Cutting Length