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The ez Squared is the perfect combination of precision and safety. With its small but versatile design, it has many built in safety features that could benefit any shop or classroom setting.

CNC Router Machine

Wood CNC Machine

CNC Router Machine
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Machine Features

• 100% Welded steel frame (optional)
• Powerful stepper motors on all axis
• T-slot bed for easy part fixturing
• Safety enclosure with door interlock
• Spindle on/off warning LEDs
• Front mount Emergency Stop
• 2 Year warranty

Machine Specifications

• Positional Accuracy: +/- .002
• Repeatability: +/- .002
• Rapid Speeds – 250 IPM
• Cutting Area – 12”x12”
• Z Travel – 7”
• Z Clearance – 6”
• Precision linear rails on all axis
• Precise ballscrew on all axis
• 1-5hp Spindle/Router availability

Standard Size 16"X12"

Effective Cutting Width


Effective Cutting Length


Z Travel


Bridge Clearance