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KMT STREAMLINE PRO® 90,000 PSI Waterjet Cutting Pumps


The KMT STREAMLINE PRO® Series pumps have a maximum pressure of 90,000 PSI/6,200 bar and vailable in 60hp or 125hp, represent an increase of up to twice the power compared to pressures used in conventional 60,000psi waterjet cutting equipment! STREAMLINE PRO® Pumps Brochure (PDF)

  • The industry's most powerful combination of horsepower and pressure
  • Increased uptime with Patented KMT metal-to-metal seal design
  • Longer seal life - Guaranteed for 500 hours!
  • Double productivity = Lowest cost per part
  • Most efficient high pressure pump

This KMT Waterjet video demonstrates how to cut aluminum faster with waterjet pressure at 90,000psi vs. 60,000psi.
By increasing the waterjet pump pressure from 60,000psi to 90,000psi, the velocity of the water jet stream also significantly increases.
The net result is, the higher the pressure, the faster the parts will cut. And by accelerating the water jet stream from 60,000psi to 90,000psi, there is also a reduction in the usage of abrasive costs.