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SPITFIRE 5’ X 10’ CNC PLASMA TABLE with Hypertherm PowerMax 65 Plasma Torch
Save $1172 till August 16th!

Get this Spitfire 5’ x 10’ table for $23,500 which is $1172 discount off normal price till August 16th.
You don’t want to miss out on the summer savings on this machine.
The PowerMax 65 torch has cutting capacities of 5/8” Mild Steel, ½” Stainless and ½“ Aluminum making this table a workhorse ready to make you money from day one.

The Spitfire is a turnkey system with welded frame fully assembled and ready to run when you plugin the plasma unit.Spitfire CNC Plasma Table Mid Summer Sale

Plasma Table includes:
• 4 inch Deep Water Bed
• Controller with Maverick Operating Software
• Automatic Torch Height Control
• Hypertherm PM-65 - Machine Torch
• Plasma Station/Arc Voltage Height Control/Magnetic Breakaway
• Floating Head Switch
• Laser Alignment
• 2 Year Warranty
• Machine Lifetime Technical Phone Support

Software Included:
• V-CarvePro - CAD
• Sheet Cam [TNG]
• Sign Torch - Super Bundle


This machine has a cutting width and length of 5’1” x 10’1”. Many 5’ x 10’ tables on the market will not cut a full 5 x 10 sheet.

The Hypertherm PowerMax 65 Plasma Torch runs on 240 volts single phase or 480 volts three phase. This unit has a 100% duty cycle cutting at 46 amps so the table can be run non-stop for most jobs.
(If heavier cutting capacity is needed at 100% duty cycle this table can be upgraded up to the Power Max 125.)

We have financing available from CIT with first three monthly payments of only $49 per month. Normal payments begin on the fourth month so you have time to get up and running with minimal cash outlay.

We have several upgrade options that can be purchased with this table:
• Rotary Pipe Cutter
• Scribe
• Downdraft Table
• 8” Deep Water Table
• Servo Drive Motors