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Many Useful Features for CNC Cutting

You’ll find that SheetCam offers you a large number of solutions for applications on the ez Router lineup models in a:

  • Plasma cutting machine
  • Laser cutting machine
  • Waterjet cutter machine
  • Oxy-fuel cutting machine

For machines that have full control over the Z axis you can program the pierce height and cut height directly. This is useful for machines running Mach3 for instance.

Define Parameters

The tool definition allows you define all of the important parameters for cutting. You can define as many tools as you like for different materials etc.

  • Kerf width. Draw your part the size you want and let SheetCam work out where to run the torch.
  • Automatic cut ordering to ensure that inside contours are always cut before outside contours.
  • Oxy-fuel preheat time.
  • Pierce delay time.
  • Take a peek at the programming of this easy to use industry CNC cutting software.Optional ramp piercing. Instead of plunging straight in, the cutter torch can ramp in, reducing the amount of material blown back into the torch. This increases consumable life and reduces faulty cuts due to blocked or obstructed nozzles

Once you have defined you tool you can set up the cut. SheetCam gives you many options to optimise cutting.

The image to the right is a screen shot of an example part. SheetCam automatically works out the holes are inside so it reverses the cut direction for these features. The holes would also be cut first. As the small holes are too small to fit a full sized lead in and lead out, the leads are reduced in size to fit. To prevent corner rounding, the corners can be looped.

For anyone working with these types of machines, we're sure you can see the benefits the features of this CNC programming software will have for many different applications.