PypeServer’s free Cloud Service gives you a full end-to-end workflow from design to cutting to assembly.

Our free Cloud Service let’s you send cut lists without file transfer hassles, report on fabrication progress in real-time, create projects, workgroups, and direct jobs to specific machines. Our new 3D Spool Viewer extends the digital workflow beyond cutting all the way through assembly in the shop and field.

Transfer Cut Lists

Seamlessly and securely transfer design files to tools on the shop floor.

Fabrication Progress

Update cut lists in real-time and report on fabrication progress.

Track Projects

Set up and track individual projects to keep your fab shop organized.

Create Workgroups

Coordinate work between design, fabrication, and field teams.

Specify Machines

Direct jobs to individual machines on the shop floor and expedite fabrication.

3D Spool Viewer

View fully dimensioned and tagged spools on any web-compatible device.

Easy to Use

Transfer cut files to machines with just an internet connection.

Extended Workflow

Extend your workflow so you can prefab in the shop and fabricate in the field.