Lyte lets you cut parts directly from CAD and BIM using TigerStop, RazorGage, Kentucky Gauge and Scotchman saws.

PypeServer Lyte is the newest member of the PypeServer family of software options for construction and fabrication. PypeServer Lyte brings the power and intelligence of PypeServer Enterprise to smaller cutting tools, establishing it as the industry standard for all types of fabrication.


Instantly send parts directly from CAD | BIM models to pipe profilers.

Nesting Algorithms

Nest parts from multiple spools and jobs on the same piece of stock.

Defect Detection

Nest parts around defects in material stock to save time and money.

All Types of Machines

Works with positioners, saws, snappers, groovers, welders, and manual tools.

Part Labeling

Design part labels with QR codes, graphics, and key information.

3D Spool Viewer

View fully dimensioned and tagged spools on any web-compatible device.

Easy to Use

Transfer cut files to machines with just an internet connection.

Cut Any Material

Copper, PVC, cast iron, all-thread, channel, rebar, lumber, or anything else.