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The Revolver Pro from LSCS is the answer to your high-volume pipe cutting needs. With its traversing chuck and auto-centering material clamping, the Revolver Pro can produce more product in less time. Take your pipe cutting applications to the next level with Revolver Pro.

5 Axis Industrial CNC Pipe Cutting & Profiling Solution

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Revolver Pro
Pipe Cutting CNC Machine
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Machine Features

Auto Centering Material Clamp
Round, square, or rectangular material capabilities (must be specified)
High definition cutting available (XPR/HPR)
Effective Cutting Length –10 to 42 ft
Overall Machine Width – 5 ft
Fully Welded Steel Frame
Open Bed design
Precision Linear Rail
Rack and Pinion Y Drive
Precision Ball Screw Z axis
Planetary Gear Box Rotational Drive
Pipe Capacity: 1.5 to 12 inches
Automated Chuck Adjustment
100% Welded steel frame
2 manually powered material supports/adjustment (24’ of cutting)
Safety torch break away
Powerful digital AC servo motors
Heavy duty linear rail guides
X Axis enclosed cable carrier
2 Year warranty
Optional automated bevel cutting, up to 45 deg. (weld ready bevels)
Optional 5 axis articulating bevel head

Machine Specifications

Positioning Accuracy: - (+/-) .007
Repeatability: - (+/-) .002
Max. Traverse Speed: - Up to 800 ipm
Max. Tools: - (1) Plasma
Min. Pipe Diameter Allowed: - 1.5 inch
Max. Pipe Diameter Allowed: -12 inch
Cutting Length: - 10,24,32,42 ft
Max. Weight Capacity: - 1000 lbs
Input Power-Machine Drive: -
120/240V 50/60Hz - 1-Phase 20AFL amps
Emergency Stop Button
3-jaw chuck
IMPORTANT: A fume Extraction Unit is not provided with this equipment. Your local Welding Supply Distributor can assist with the purchase of a Unit suitable to your environment.